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'The Show Has Gone In Such Unexpected Places': Aasif Mandvi On CBS's 'Evil'

(CBS Local)-- Aasif Mandvi never likes to limit himself when it comes to his career.

He's performed a one man show off-Broadway, been in movies with Sandra Bullock and Owen Wilson, and now stars on the CBS drama "Evil" as Ben Shakir. The series tells the story of a forensic psychologist who teams up with priest-in-training and a carpenter as they examine unexplained mysteries. The experience has been of the best of Mandvi's career.

"Just the fun of it and the writing is so great," said Mandvi in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "Robert and Michelle King who created the show are such smart writers. The show has gone in such unexpected places that none of us expected it to go. It's so smart and has dealt with so many societal issues and given commentary on what's going on in our world. It's far beyond what you might think. It's a mixed bag, there's some scares, some humor, and something in there for everybody."


Mandvi also made a name for himself in the past as a contributing correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. While the actor has played many different roles in his career, this one on "Evil" is much different from who he is in real life.

"He is so different from me and way better at fixing things and way handier," said Mandvi. "My wife is like that Ben is sexy. He's a scientist and a pragmatist. Those are not necessarily qualities that I totally possess. It was fun to inhabit that world and this guy who is much more grounded than I am. He is much more certain in his beliefs than I am. It was an exciting challenge to enter that world."

Watch the season finale of "Evil" Thursday at 10pm EST/PST on CBS and CBS All Access.

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