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'A Lot Of Veterans Are Angry' Metro Detroit Ex Marine Discuss US Afghan Withdrawal

"It seems everything, everyone's worked for has kinda gone for nothing I know that's how the veteran community feels right now" said Shawn Waterman a US Vet who served in Afghanistan.

Waterman, an Ex Marine served in Helmand province, Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011. He says he knew US troops would not be in Afghanistan forever, but says the complete withdrawal from the country caught him by surprise.

"Us leaving no presence what so ever is a big surprise, we all thought that there would be some kind of presence just to keep a little bit of stabilization within the region," Waterman said.

Waterman says many US vets have suffered Mentality and Physically from the Afghan war, he's even lost close friends.

"A lot of veterans are angry because it just wasn't a single veteran that lost life, this ruined some people families, lives have been changed permanently," Waterman said.

Army Vet and State Senator Adam Hollier represents several areas in Wayne County, including Detroit. He says an exit from Afghanistan was necessary, but the US must continue to support the Afghan citizens who helped our nation.

"What we need to be doing right now is focus on taking care of the interpreters the family of those interpreters, the women and girls who was educated while we were there while we were able to make an impact and make sure that they can get here," said Hollier, State Senator who represents areas in Detroit, Grosse Pointe, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, Highland Park.

Hollier says for the Afghan people trying to flee the county due to fear, he welcomes them to this region. He's also working diligently with fellow lawmakers on providing more support for veterans.

"As we remember and honor the sacrifices of those who served it's important we do a better job with our veterans benefits and making sure they are protected," Hollier said.

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