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A College Education Could Actually Leave You In The Red

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWJ) - A new study finds that a college education might not be a wise investment for some people.

According to the analysis from the Brookings Center on Children and Families, college might not pay off for students pursuing majors in low-paying fields. As authors of the study point out, "for a student who has performed poorly in the classroom, the most bang-for-the-buck may come from a vocationally-oriented associate's degree or career-specific technical training or from a period of work before returning to school with stronger motivation to learn what academic institutions teach. Think of the alternative: this student's poor grades and possible ambivalence about classroom learning means he is likely to never finish his degree, and will have wasted time and money that could have been spent learning an employable skill."

But the study finds that higher education is still a smart choice for those wanting to study science or technology and go to a choice college or university.

Click here for detailed information on the study.

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