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7 Best Places To Ride A Camel

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When exploring the desert regions of the world, nothing is better than hoping on top of a camel and riding through endless sand covered landscapes. For centuries, camels have provided travelers a means of getting around and assistance with carrying their goods. Enjoying a tour on camel back will give you a feeling like you are on an adventure and have traveled back in time. Plus, think about how jealous you will make friends and family back home when they see your photos from atop of a camel.


Egypt is one of the most well-known destinations in the world for those wanting to go camel trekking. There are so many ancient and historic sites in this country, that travelers will be amazed by the landscape and opportunity to travel back in time to explore where ancient Egyptians once rules. Camel treks include those through the Great Pyramids and along the Nile River. There are also some treks available to those who want to travel deep into Egypt for an opportunity that not many people have. Don't forget to take your camel trek through the Sinai desert and stop at one of the oasis areas for a rest.

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Morocco has a history filled with nomads who traveled around the country on camelback. In fact, there are still plenty of travelers, workers and other locals who practically live on their camels. Visitors will have an experience of a lifetime riding camelback through the Saharan Dunes. This country is home to some of the most preserved desert landscapes, offering breathtaking sites to explore. Those who plan to explore Morocco on camelback will have the opportunity to enjoy short, one-day excursions or multi-day treks out into the desert where they can emerse themselves into the local culture of the desert dwellers.

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When most think of Australia they think of koala bears, the Outback and crocodiles. However, this island nation is also home to some of the most unique camelback riding tours in the world. Camels were originally brought to Australia due to the advantage they had over horses in dry climates when settlers first colonized the country. Riding a camel into the outback is still a popular tradition offering visitors plenty of opportunities to explore the country from atop their own camel. Single-day, multi-day and week-long adventures are available into the Outback regions, through the Northern Territory and other remote regions of the country. You might even be able to find a trek that will take you out as far as the Queensland border. Camel treks in Australia are unique as they take travelers through different terrains, such as lake systems and desert plains.


One of the best ways to experience the famous path of the iconic Silk Road in China is to do it atop of a camel. Points of interest in China you can access when trekking the country on camelback include the ancient town of Dunhuang, Hechang and the ruins of Yumeguan. Camel treks throughout China can be custom designed to fit the needs of just about any traveler and what they want to experience. Your camelback trek will give you a greater appreciation for this country's past.

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Enjoy the sites and seeing the wildlife in Kenya aboard your very own camel. Your trek adventure will take you to amazing locations where you can see an array of wildlife including elephants, hyenas, lions, zebras and so much more. Camel treks are available for those wanting extended adventures into the heart of Kenya, including a tour around the Ngorongoro Crater area. For those looking for a unique adventure with an African safari touch, camel trekking in Kenya is the place to explore.

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A camel trek through Dubai will take you up close to the desert where you can enjoy all of the beauty and magnificence of the Arabian Desert. Half-day, full-day and multi-day treks are available for those wanting to experience the culture of the area. Some tours will even set you up in a traditional Bedouin desert camp where you will be able to enjoy local cuisine and nightly entertainment. Camel treks in Dubai are the best way to experience Arabic culture and a must-experience for anyone wanting to travel to this region of the world.


Ride your camel right up to the highest mountain in Africa when you go on a camel safari adventure in Tanzania. During your camel trek at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro -- which is more than 19,000 feet tall -- you will be able to get an up close look at a rich range of flora and fauna. Plus, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of native wildlife including antelope, leopards, elephants and hyenas. You get to pick your trek length, but most adventures take place over three days. This is plenty of time to get to the mountain base and see everything you need to see.

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