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5 Gifts For Dad That Will Make Him Feel Like A Kid Again

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and contrary to popular belief, the main man in your life probably doesn’t want a new necktie, cufflinks or department store cologne. He also already has plenty of “World’s Best Dad” t-shirts, trophies and coffee mugs, so this year it may be time to change things up with gifts that will make Dad feel good—and maybe even take the focus off of the fact that he’s getting older. Check out these suggestions for Father’s Day gifts that will make your favorite father feel like a kid again.

A New Bike

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Think about it, unless Dad is a mountain biker, a motorcycle buff or a mall cop, he probably doesn’t spend much time on two wheels. A shiny new bike that he can use to ride along outside with the kids is the perfect, unexpected gift, and as a bonus it paves the way for plenty of family trips to the bike trail. Make sure you also find a big hill to ride down, because nothing will bring Dad’s childhood memories back faster than a fast ride down a steep hill.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting Equipment
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Pick a sport, any sport. Most dads have a favorite, so now is a great time to gift Dad with a special piece of equipment that will help him get his game on. From a new basketball to a quality baseball bat or catcher’s mitt, a sports-inspired gift will definitely get Dad out there on the field with the kids. Another sporty idea is to purchase a set of rollerblades and hockey sticks so Dad can play street hockey with the kids. He probably hasn’t done that since 1970-something, right?

A Video Game – For Him

Guitar Hero
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Any dutiful dad has likely logged countless hours of Skylanders and Mario Bros. for the sake of his kids. Now it’s time to get the family patriarch a video game for himself. There are dozens of gaming choices available online or at retail stores, including fighter and sports-themed offerings, but just make sure it’s not a kids’ game, because he’s probably played plenty of those and this gift is supposed to be all about him. Want to take Dad back a couple of decades? Get him Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and let the jam session begin as he unleashes his inner rock star.

Tech Gifts

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Take the edge off of Dad’s lawn mowing time with a pair of really snazzy wireless headphones that he can wear while he rides around on the John Deere. From colorful Beats by Dr. Dre (pick his favorite hue) to trendy, over-ear headphones such as Jabra Revo, high quality music can be had at any budget, and it will definitely drown out that annoying mower sound. Portable bluetooth speakers are another fun Father’s Day gift idea, and they can be used anywhere Dad wants to rule the playlist.

An Experience

Family Fun
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Go fly a kite! No, not you – Dad. We’re talking experiences here, and a really cool, high-end kite will definitely make Dad feel like a kid again. And as a bonus, you can wrap it around a day at the park to get the whole family involved. (For a youthful Father’s Day freebie, hit the swing set while you’re there.) Other “experience” type gifts include a day at the water park where Dad is the king of the waterslide, or an amusement park where he can conquer every coaster. Or how about tickets to a rock or rap concert by a band that he liked back in the day? By going back to your favorite guy’s past, you can figure out fun gifts for his future Father’s Days.

Victoria Miller is a freelance entertainment writer who also covers recreation and leisure activities in the Philadelphia area. Her work can be found on

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