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5 Countries To Travel To Where The US Dollar Will Go A Long Way

Traveling can get a bit expensive. However, pay attention to the value of the American dollar in comparison to other countries. Why is this key to planning an affordable vacation? Because when exchanging American dollars for foreign currency, travelers may have more to spend in one area of the world than another. The exchange rate can make a once seemingly unaffordable overseas vacation a very affordable one.

Just about everything to do with Hungary makes a vacation to this area very affordable. With the drop in value against the American dollar and the many activities, Hungary is one of the top places to visit for an affordable vacation. Everyday costs in Hungary are relatively low when compared to other European countries. This means that everything from food to accommodations and tours to shopping can be very affordable. It is possible to find a hotel for as little as $25 per night and three-course meals can be as cheap as $10 per person. Those wanting to drink some wine or beer can find beverages averaging between $2 and $3 each.

Many European travelers do not even think of visiting Hungary. This means that attractions will be less crowded and exploring the city can be very relaxing. Because of the thinner tourist crowds, overall, things in Hungary cost less.

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In addition to having a favorable exchange rate, Greece offers budget-friendly travel options. After experiencing its recent debt crisis, many companies in Greece have been slashing prices, making this destination one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe. While visiting the country, travelers will find that a majority of the historic sites and attractions offer free admission or only charge a few dollars. Dining options throughout Greece will vary, depending greatly upon location and cuisine. However, most dining options are less than $10 per person. The only high expense travelers may have to pay will be for the hotel. However, with slashed prices and the exchange rate, the cost of a hotel may not be that bad.

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Budget travelers will be able to plan the vacation of their dreams by visiting India. This is one destination in the world where budget conscious travelers can find luxury accommodations at minimal costs. The cost of living in India is relatively low when compared to the rest of the world. This makes it possible to find affordable accommodations and dining options.

With a very favorable exchange rate, combined with affordable activities, travelers will be able to feel like they are on a vacation of a lifetime. A visit to India offers everything from a new cultural experience to historic sites and exotic restaurants to unique tours. Travelers can enjoy climbing in Ladakh or surfing in Port Blair at very affordable prices. The prices and variety of activities is what makes India a traveler's dream destination.

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In previous years, Iceland has been economically struggling. Because of this, American tourists will be treated to a very favorable exchange rate. For the most part, Iceland has recovered, however, the exchange rate of the krona still falls short of the value of the American dollar. Travelers can save even more money by enjoying the long list of free activities, including visiting waterfalls, sea cliffs, lava fields and geysers. There are no admission or parking fees to many of Iceland's natural wonders. The free amenities makes up for the slightly higher cost of accommodations throughout the country.

The variety of accommodations makes it possible for travelers to pick out which type of place they want to stay in. Starting at around $20 per night, travelers can enjoy staying in a hostel or for about $60 per night (and up) travelers can enjoy a private room with a shared bathroom.

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Czech Republic

A combination of a favorable exchange rate and low-cost expenses make is possible for travelers to visit the Czech Republic on a budget. Not only does this area offer many historic sites and a unique cultural experience, it is also very affordable. With all of the daily expenses combined, on average travelers can travel to the Czech Republic for as little as $75 per day.

When wanting to explore, the best option is to take public transportation. There are plenty of stops along the route, making is possible to access all of the amazing historic sites of the country. Between the low cost of living and favorable exchange rates, the Czech Republic makes it possible for travelers to experience the unique life of the country's residents without costing a fortune..

By exchanging the American dollar at these countries, travelers will still have the opportunity to explore new cultures, see ancient architecture, experience new cafes and enjoy friendly and thriving nightlife of countries overseas. Do not let the cost of an overseas vacation get in the way of experience the many things foreign countries have to offer. With an ideal exchange rate, travelers can go exploring and have the opportunities to see new things. Something so many believe to be impossible.

Heather Landon (Heather Leigh Carroll) is a freelance writer with more than 20 years of experience. She has combined two of her passions - writing and travel - to share her experiences with others. You can read more of her articles at
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