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Five College Do's

College can be a very interesting time in your life and like anything new, it has its bumps. Today's video is a quick guide on the five "do's" to make your college experience much easier. If you have your own list of college do's, put them down in the comments section or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Train Your Brain College
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Number one "do" on our list should be a no brainer, but that is what you are in college for - to get a brain -  so remember to study. I know you're young and having fun, but partying all day everyday will not help justify spending $30,000  on drinking.

Man College
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Number two is the reason every model-looking hot guy in high school looks like a walking beach ball in college. The freshmen 15 is no joke and it has ruined many people's self-esteem. Eating healthy and planning ahead is the always the best bet to stay looking good and energized in college.

Sleep Bed College
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Number three is the reason so many people get strangled in their sleep in a college dorm: always remember good hygiene smells like success. No one likes rooming with a guy or girl who smells like New Jersey and lives like it too. Clean it up and use deodorant.

College Friends
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Number four can be a "do," and if you do it wrong, it can be a "don't." I'm talking about socializing. Going off to college to live in a dorm can be very intimidating.  Everyone has to be new sometime, so always make friends with your roommates and other students in your class. Hey, you never know, they may let you cheat off them one day. And you didn't get that advice from me.

Couple and other people in cinema

Number five is an absolutely must do. Enjoy yourself! Some people go off to college to learn and better themselves, but forget to just stop and look around. A lot of colleges have plenty of opportunities to be active. This experience will be one of the best of your life because the only thing you have to look forward to after this is working 5 days a week and having your boss steal your stapler.

Edmon Armstrong is a Community Affairs intern at CW50 an aspiring filmmaker, writer, director and president of everything living in the Detroit area. Contact Edmon at

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