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$3,000 Water Bills: Highland Park Residents' Water Struggles Continue

DETROIT (WWJ) - Many residents in the city of Highland Park, who didn't receive a bill for over a year , are now dealing with unexpected bills for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

One of them, Khursheed Shafii, said he now has to pay $3,000 while dealing with a sewage problem.

"I've only been here for two years," Shafii said. "To have a bill that high with $1,800 in sewage is outrageous!"

After the Highland Park Water Department closed in late 2012, residents were placed on the city of Detroit water and sewage system.

WWJ's Vickie Thomas spoke with Co-Chair of the Highland Park Human Rights Coalition Marian Kramer who said her phone has been ringing constantly with upset residents calling about the high water bills.

"Generally it's been between $3,000 and $5,000," Kramer said.

Once she finally got a hold of the water department, Kramer got an answer that she wasn't looking for.

"The least they can bill is $600 is what they said," Kramer said. "Because they owe the city of Detroit, we have to pay it."

Kramer has also received a bill for over $1,300 and has now planned a strategy meeting set to take place Thursday night at Soul Harvest Ministries.

"We're asking all of the people of Highland Park to participate," Kramer said. "We can't be without water for more than three days."

Kramer is concerned Detroit might end up in a similar situation.

"Something is wrong with this problem," she said. "I'm telling people in Detroit if you let Highland Park go down, you're next."

City officials did not return WWJ's calls seeking comment on the high water bills.

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