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3 Strategies That Could Help Boost Local Sales For Your Small Business

Are you struggling for each and every sale you make with your new small business? You aren't alone. There are many great small organizations all over the country that just haven't found ways to really reach their best audiences, which are usually those that are most local and most connected. Connection is everything here, so if you're looking for ways to boost your local sales, you'll want to identify a few strategies to connect with your clients and leads. As you're navigating these tricky waters, here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Define your niche

It's very hard to truly identify your target audience, and the more broad your target is, the harder it will be to effectively market to that niche. When it comes to sales and small business, a good focus is everything, and there are a few different ways to help you identify the who and what of your target audience. Try ranking the profitability of your current prospects, as it's a good way to start honing in on who will be the most profitable, and therefore the most desirable target audience. You can also look for common denominators through your best clients and customers. Are they all the same age? Do they all tend to shop at a specific place or have a common challenge that you can help solve? Get to know your audience and you'll have a much easier time identifying your niche.

Connect with your audience

In small business, connection means a great deal, and you'll find your customers will turn into customers for life if they feel connected to you and your business. Get personal with your customer and create a human connection. You can do this by picking up the phone instead of sending an email, and be willing to ask questions and listen more then you talk. Too many sales people talk over their clients or leads, when the most effective sales person lets the customer sell to themselves. Ask questions, talk to them, make a connection, remember their names and find ways to personally connect — it will go a very long way towards creating deep and meaningful customer relationships.

Sell to your existing customers more

You've already built a connection with them, and they've already proven they like what you have to offer, so why not spend a bit more time focusing on the customers that you already have. Start by making a list of your current clients and identify the top spenders and most loyal customers. Then create some programs to help them spend more with you. Try a VIP program that offers an incentive or two for buying more products or services, or offer early access to new releases or new products to your current clients. Give them just a little bit of the VIP treatment, and you'll find they return to buy from you again and again.

This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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