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3 Most Annoying Things About World Cup Soccer [BLOG]

By: Pat Caputo

1. Every time USA soccer wins a World Cup game, there is almost crying for joy in unison in this nation. Why? It's one game in what is essentially a preliminary tournament. Even if the USA gets into the elimination round, they have as much chance of winning it all as the Mid-American Conference entry does in the NCAA basketball tournament. Their coach has come out and said as much. So, while this is the nation of the "Miracle on Ice," there will be no "Miracle on the Pitch." There isn't just one super power ahead of the USA. There are several.

2. Soccer players are incredible when it comes down to taking dives. It's embarrassing. Even worse, at such an intensely high level of competition and with the whole world literally watching, the referees still let them get away with it. Taking a dive pays. It's unreal - and surreal.

3. What's with the "own" goals? Considering how low scoring soccer is, it's amazing how often these guys, even at the highest level, score goals for the other team in their own net.

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