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3 Incredible Fan Catches You've Got To See

Catching a foul ball during a ball game is an every day occurrence, right? So what’s the big deal? I promise these three grabs at games over Memorial Day weekend will impress. 

by @TaraLipinsky

1.  Bat Girl

The MLB titles the above video “Lucky Fan Catches Souvenir.” I would title it “Wimpy White Sox Fan Ducks For Cover While Wife Saves Baby.”

Ok, truthfully, I don’t think they’re actually married and after that display of rabid self-interest I doubt they ever will be.

Watch the man cower in the fetal position as his woman bravely grasps Tyler Flowers’ rogue bat with one hand.

The fan, identified as Eileen Depesa, said she was only worried about protecting the baby behind her. Brava.

Story via CBS Chicago

 2. Beer Ball

And there was another unlikely catch over the weekend, this one happened at the Phillies-Dodgers game at Citizens Bank Park.

At the bottom of the sixth Carlos Ruiz hit a foul ball into right field.

The ball sailed right towards the beer vendor who actually caught it with the bucket he was holding on his head. The crowd went wild!

Who said Phillies' fans are hard to please?

I just hope someone bought that guy a beer.

Story via CBS Detroit

3. Father-Son Catch


Gregor homers for Bandits, dad makes catch by Minor League Baseball on YouTube

And if you think that’s lucky… Houston Astros prospect Conrad Gregor hit his first homerun of the 2014 season for the Triple-A River Bandits in Iowa and it was caught at the back fence by an extremely enthusiastic fan.

Turns out that “fan” is Gregor’s father!  He and Gregor’s mom had driven five hours from Indiana to watch game.

What do you think the odds are?

Story via CBS Houston

Which catch did you think was the most incredible? 

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