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3 Effective Apps To Help Small Business Owners Stay Organized

Organizational business apps can help small business owners manage their time more efficiently, increase productivity and save money as tasks and responsibilities mount and business grows. Important to-do list items, meetings, and projects can easily get off course in the middle of a hectic day, week, or month. There are many apps on the market that are designed to keep business owners on track and well organized. Featured below are a few organizational apps that have mobile and team-sharing capabilities, both of which are a must.


Wunderlist enables you to create all sorts of shareable lists from task-oriented to-do lists to inventory and event lists. Programmable reminders make it easy to set due dates, remember appointments or tasks, or assign tasks to others. Wunderlist Pro allows you to store and share files, presentations, projects and more. You can assign tasks and break down steps needed to achieve larger goals into smaller subtasks.

Wunderlist Business keeps communication, assignments, files, comments, and calendars, among other things in one accessible place. You can start a conversation or share feedback at any time. The Activity Center is a hub to track team progress. Mail to Wunderlist and Add to Wunderlist browser extensions allow you to update lists with information from emails and websites. Plus, you can access Wunderlist to-dos and information from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Evernote allows you to capture, share and organize notes from anywhere. You can record ideas, brainstorm sessions, and to-do lists, which can then be saved and organized. Store articles, checklists, tables and graphs, photos, and other important files in one convenient location. This helps declutter your digital workspace and consolidate important items in one place. You can add links, attachments, audio recordings, and checklists to your notes.

Evernote Business helps keep teams on track and coordinated by collecting and sharing documents, ideas, files and project notes. You can manage a team project from start to finish. Create the first set of goals or brainstorming ideas, set deadlines and reminders for specific tasks, gather feedback, and track progress to avoid duplicate efforts and stay on deadline. The collaborative benefits of this app are huge. You can stay connected to your team and in the loop on any project, conversation, or meeting from anywhere. When information is stored on multiple individual laptops, it might be harder to access. With Evernote, you are always in sync and can access important information anywhere via your mobile device.

Create checklists, to-dos, reminders, and tasks all in one place for easy access from your mobile device with The calendar function allows you to plan your day, week, and month. The virtual assistant can complete tasks for you by arranging gift and grocery deliveries, repairs, laundry, cleaning service and more via smart robots and people who will carry out the tasks. Premium is a team-friendly app that allows you to share information and files, delegate, chat, set up recurring tasks and help you stay connected to your work team. You can also set up on-the-spot alerts with the location-based reminders feature. works on multiple digital and mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, desktop, Chrome, Slack, and Alexa.

This article was written by Lori Melton for Small Business Pulse

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