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250 Protest DTE Energy Costs

DETROIT (WWJ) - Despite the unseasonable hot weather, protesters picketed for more than an hour outside of DTE headquarters demanding more action from the utility company to help people whose power has been shut off.

The 8 van loads of demonstrators, from community, labor and religious groups, marched as mounted police patroled and other officers stood

DTE protest 2
(WWJ Photo/Pat Sweeting)

watch. The crowd of about 250 people are angry over high energy costs, demanded a meeting with DTE officials.

Their signs read, "I'm part of the 99%," or "I pay more in taxes than DTE."

"DTE has gotten a tax break," said Rev. W. J. Rideout of Detroit.  "It's time that they give some of that money have to our elders, our seniors, our low-income residents."

Rideout said that, although DTE is helping some people, he doesn't think they're doing enough."We're constantly seeing shut-offs, and we're constantly seeing people who are hurting."

DTE spokesperson Len Singer said there are programs in place to help those who have trouble paying their energy bills. (Hear what he had to say below).

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