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2016 Detroit Road Repairs Rundown


**Information provided by the city of Detroit


DISTRICT 1                                                           FROM                                       TO                   

Asbury Park                                                        Seven Mile                             McNichols    

Braile                                                                 Grand River                            McNichols    

Gilchrist                                                              Fenkell                                     Biltmore        

Glastonbury                                                        Pilgrim                                      Grand River 

Murray Hill                                                          Puritan                                     Fenkell          

Prevost                                                              Seven Mile                             Clarita            

Riverview                                                            Seven Mile                             Grand River 

Rutland                                                               Grand River                            Schoolcraft  

Southfield Service Dr. (northbound)                       Grove                                       Curtis             

Southfield Service Dr. (northbound)                       Seven Mile                             Eight Mile     


Southfield Service Dr. (southbound)                      McNichols                               Grand River 

Southfield Service Dr. (southbound)                     Seven Mile                             McNichols    

Westmoreland                                                    McNichols                               Bretton


DISTRICT 2                                                           FROM                                       TO

Ardmore                                                              Curtis                                        John C. Lodge                             

Ardmore                                                              W. Outer Drive                      McNichols    

Dexter                                                                  Fenkell                                     Puritan          

Florence                                                              Rosa Parks                              Log Cabin      

Grove                                                                   Rosa Parks                              Log Cabin      

Holmur                                                                 Puritan                                     John C. Lodge                             

James Couzens (northbound)                                 Schaefer                                  Audrey          

Louise                                                                  Rosa Parks                              Log Cabin      

Mendota                                                              Santa Maria                            McNichols    

Meyers                                                                Seven Mile                             James Couzens          

Petoskey                                                             Puritan                                     Hughes          

Quincy                                                                 Puritan                                     John C. Lodge             

San Juan                                                             Ewald Circle                            Dead End (N)              

Stansbury                                                           Curtis                                        Margareta    

Strathmoor                                                         Seven Mile                             W. Outer Drive           

Turner                                                                 Puritan                                     John C. Lodge             

Wisconsin                                                            Seven Mile                             Clarita            

Wisconsin                                                            John C. Lodge                        Puritan      


DISTRICT 3                                                           FROM                                       TO

Bliss                                                                       Cliff                                            Carrie             

Bringard                                                               Crusade                                   Kelly

Cliff                                                                        Seven Mile                             E. Outer Drive             

E. Winchester                                                    Harned                                     Fleming         

Edmore                                                               Gratiot                                      Hayes             

Eureka                                                                 Seven Mile                             Hildale           

Fleming                                                                Eight Mile                                Winchester  

Fleming                                                                Outer Drive                            Conant          

Gallagher                                                             Conant                                     Hildale           

Greensboro                                                          Harper                                      Berkshire      

Harned                                                                 E. Outer Drive                        Remington   

Hayes                                                                   Eight Mile                               State Fair      

McNichols                                                           John R                                      Woodward  

Norwood                                                              Nevada                                    Hildale           

Rolyat                                                                  Van Dyke                                E. Outer Drive            

Shields                                                                  Nevada                                  Hildale

Sunset                                                                  Outer Drive                            Eight Mile

Wexford                                                              Nevada                                    Hildale

Yolanda                                 Van Dyke                                                               E. Outer Drive 

DISTRICT 4                                                           FROM                                       TO

Beaconsfield                                                       Whittier                                   Yorkshire

Berkshire                                                             E. Outer Drive                        Harper

Cadieux                                                               Chandler Park                        Morang

Cincinnati                                                             Cadieux                                    Dead End

Conner                                                                 Clairpointe (north)              Clairpointe (south)

Detroit                                                                 Cadieux                                    Dead End

Elmdale                                                                E. Outer Drive                        Greensboro

Korte                                                                    Dickerson                                Ashland

Lakepointe                                                           Berkshire                                 Harper

Mack                                                                  St. Jean                                    McClellan

Morang                                                                Laing                                          Seven Mile

Promenade                                                          Hayes                                        E. Outer Drive

Rochelle                                                               Hayes                                        Kelly

Rockcastle                                                           Moross                                     Canyon

State Fair                                                             Gratiot                                      Kelly

Warren                                                                 Cadillac                                     Conner

Waveney                                                             Cadieux                                    Dead End

Whittier                                                               Kelly                                          Whitehill

Woodhall                                                             Munich                                     Mack

DISTRICT 5                                                           FROM                                       TO

Baldwin                                                                Forest                                       Gratiot

Bates                                                                    Randolph                                 Congress

Beaubien                                                             Beacon                                     Gratiot

Broadway                                                            Grand River                            Witherell

Burns                                                                   Forest                                       Gratiot

Byron                                                                    Boston Blvd.                           Webb

Chicago                                                                John C. Lodge                        14th Street

Forest                                                                   Dequindre                              Russell

Fullerton                                                              Livernois                                  Petoskey

Glendale                                                              Holmur                                     Petoskey

Hendricks                                                            Elmwood                                 Mt. Elliott

Iroquois                                                               Warren                                     Forest

Jefferson                                                             Lakewood                               E. Grand Blvd. 

Larned                                                                 Washington Blvd.                 Chrysler Service Dr.

Lawton                                                                 Grand River                            Ford Fwy.

Maxwell                                                               Forest                                       Gratiot

Seminole                                                             Gratiot                                      Warren

Seyburn                                                               Forest                                       Gratiot

Virginia Park                                                       Rosa Parks                              John C. Lodge

W. Grand Blvd.                                                  Woodward                             Linwood

Waverly                                                              Holmur                                     Petoskey

Webb                                                                  Woodward                             Hamilton

DISTRICT 6                                                           FROM                                       TO   

15th                                                                       Grand River                            Warren          

Arnold                                                                  Trenton                                    Cabot             

Avery                                                                    Warren                                     Forest            

Avery                                                                    Warren                                     Putnam         

Barton                                                                  Rangoon                                  Livernois       

Beard                                                                    Bostwick                                  Fisher Service Drive 

Beech                                                                   Brooklyn                                  John C. Lodge                             

Brooklyn                                                              John C. Lodge                        Spruce           

Brooklyn                                                              Michigan                                  Porter            

Brooklyn                                                              Cherry                                      Elizabeth       

Bulwer                                                                  Martin                                      Parkinson     

Butternut                                                            Trumbull                                  Harrison        

Casper                                                                  Kirkwood                                 McGraw        

Casper                                                                  McGraw                                   Ford Fwy.     

Cecil                                                                       Michigan                                  McGraw        

Cherry                                                                  Trumbull                                  Brooklyn       

Chopin                                                                  Ford Fwy.                                Michigan       

Clayton                                                                 Martin                                      Parkinson     

Clifton                                                                   Wetherby                               Livernois       

Commonwealth                                               Willis                                          Calvert           

Congress                                                             Woodward                             Third               

Cromwell                                                             St. Anne                                   Dead End

Fern                                                                       Burton                                      Martin           

Freer                                                                     Parkwood                               Dead End      

Gartner                                                                Lawndale                                 Springwells  

Gilbert                                                                  Michigan                                  Ford Fwy.     

Green                                                                   Pitt                                             Dix   

Green                                                                   W. Vernor                               Fisher Service


Homer                                                                  Elsmere                                    Springwells  

Lafayette                                                             Shelby                                      Griswold       

Lawndale                                                             Michigan                                  John Kronk  

Linzee                                                                   Braden                                     Martin           

Livernois                                                              Vernor                                      Grand River 

Logan                                                                    Lawndale                                 Springwells  

Longworth                                                          Lawndale                                 Mullane        

Martin                                                                  Michigan                                  Ford Fwy.     

Mercier                                                                Dead End                                 Parkinson     

Military                                                                 Michigan                                  Buchanan     

Moyes                                                                  Burton                                      Martin           

Parkwood                                                           Central                                     Martin           

Pitt                                                                         Dix                                              Central          

Plum                                                                      Trumbull                                  Brooklyn       

Porter                                                                   Sixth                                          Dead End      

Rathbone                                                            Lawndale                                 Woodmere  

Sampson                                                             St. Anne                                   Dead End      

Senator                                                                Central                                     Beard             

Springwells                                                         Wagner                                    McGraw        

Spruce                                                                  John C. Lodge                        Trumbull       

St. Anne                                                               W. Fort                                     W. Vernor

St. John                                                                Trenton                                    Cabot 

St. John                                                                Trenton                                    Lonyo 

Summit                                                                Fort                                            W. Jefferson

Trenton                                                                Michigan                                  John Kronk

W. Lafayette                                                      Green                                       Beard

W. Vernor                                                           Michigan                                  17th

W. Vernor                                                           Fisher Fwy.                             Livernois

W. Vernor                                                           Dix                                              Central

Wilde                                                                    Fisher Service Drive            Dead End 

DISTRICT 7                                                           FROM                                       TO

Appoline                                                              Joy Road                                  Chicago

Archdale                                                              W. Warren                              Paul

Asbury Park                                                        W. Warren                              Paul

Asbury Park                                                        Fullerton                                  Schoolcraft

Belton                                                                   Wyoming                                 Morrow Circle

Bramell                                                                 Constance                               W. Warren

Buena Vista                                                        Broadstreet                            Holmur

Chatham                                                              Tireman                                   W. Warren

Constance                                                           Parkland                                  West Parkway

Dacosta                                                                Parkland                                  W. Warren

Dolphin                                                                Tireman                                   Warren

Griggs                                                                   Grand River                            Plymouth

Griggs                                                                   Joy Road                                  Oakman

Kentucky                                                             Davison                                    Schoolcraft

Manor                                                                  W. Chicago                              Joy Road

Manor                                                                  Joy Road                                  Tireman 

Montrose                                                            Tireman                                   W. Warren

Northlawn                                                          W. Chicago                              Joy Road

Plymouth                                                            Warwick                                   City Limits

Prest                                                                     Tireman                                   Joy Road

Prest                                                                     Joy Road                                  Chicago

Schaefer/Jeffries Intersection                                                                     

Tireman                                                               Livernois                                  Northlawn

West Chicago                                                     Southfield Service Dr.        Greenfield

Westfield                                                            Meyers                                    Steel

Wyoming                                                             Plymouth                                Jeffries Fwy.


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