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11th Annual Walk for Autism Speaks

CW50 Street Team united at the 11th Annual Walk for Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks main goal is to help spread awareness and as much information about Autism as possible. Autism Speaks also raises money to help fund those who are affected by it.

There were information booths set-up to help spread awareness at this event. Microsoft was a sponsor at Autism Speaks and had games on display that generated responses that helped those with autism to stay focused, while allowing them to enjoy the games and themselves. Although many information boots were set-up, there was a quiet booth as well that dealt with face painting, coloring books, and a place for them to relax after their walk.

Many of the participants at the affair informed us that autism is not just something you deal with, it is something you learn more about in order to help those being challenged by it.

The CW50 Street Team had a great time learning more about autism at this event. We were greeted by many smiles that we hope to see again next year!

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