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10 Resources For New Entrepreneurs In Michigan

In Michigan, there are various resources to help plan and manage the growth of a company for new entrepreneurs from across the state. From universities to private firms, below is a guide to these various resources. Discover which are best for the success of your business.


Finance Michigan

Finance Michigan is directed by Stan and William Dickson and has been in operation since 1981. The group's offices are located in Detroit and the firm is a non-bureaucratic organization that aids in a variety of services, including but not limited to marketing, accounting, human resources and more. Finance Michigan has over $100 million to invest in three of Michigan's most sought after services: Manufacturing, health care and finance. Though they specialize in those three areas, they're open to all industries, and are always looking for driven entrepreneurs.

Arbor Partners

For more than 30 years, Arbor Partners has given access to long-term capital investments. It managers over $38 million in two funds that invest primarily in the Midwest and specializes in technology, communication and software. It was founded in 1996 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan Women's Foundation (MWF)

Michigan Women's Foundation's goal is to eliminate the social and economic barriers that exist for Minnesota women and girls. The group has 30 years of experience in high impact work that helps further women's well-being in business by uplifting them to an equitable level. MWF can help with capital investments to fund or start growing a business through the Michigan Women's Microloan Fund, and it has partnered with organizations to help achieve business goals.

Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE)

Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs is another excellent resource for women and is an award-winning nonprofit that promotes economic growth and works to advance women entrepreneurs. It helps women overcome roadblocks to success through education, resources and information on development. MAFE has joined ALL Ladies League (ALL) as an affiliate organization and is the largest global women's chamber with over 20,000 members.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

There are many resources in Michigan dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs. Michigan Economic Development Corporation provides guidance and capital funding as well as technology assistance. It gives information on obtaining licenses, treasury and taxes and unemployment insurance.

Michigan Small Business Development Center (MSBDC)

MEDC compiles many of the state's official websites to assist startups, including the Michigan Small Business Development Center, which provides counseling, training and research and gives support as well as planning tools.


Michipreneur offers websites, additional resources and assistance for small businesses and startups. From online classes and funding opportunities to building and learning about programming, Michipreneur also connects with other startups in the state to share experiences and knowledge.

Michigan State University Library (MSU)

The Michigan State University Library includes entrepreneurial mindset and idea generation, funding, marketing, markets and competition. News is provided as well.

Oakland University Incubator (OU INC)

Oakland University Incubator is a SmartZone business accelerator collaborating with Rochester Hills, MEDC and other partners in the industry. OU INC focuses on energy, medical device and information technology while providing strategic solutions and pushing ideas into the market.

University of Michigan (U-M)

University of Michigan offered a Master of Entrepreneurship joint degree from the College of Engineering and The Ross School of Business. Though the program is no longer open, the website still links to degrees from both colleges for master's degrees available, and U-M has related funding opportunities.


This article was written by Chase Hunt for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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