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10 Best Detroit Foodies To Follow On Twitter


Twitter is a lively social network where people can 'tweet' announcements, musings and comments in 140 characters or less to those who have signed up to receive updates, known as 'followers.' Registration is free. All you do is sign up via twitter.comto create an account and you are ready to begin.The Detroit foodie community on twitter is as vibrant as the city itself. These 10 local foodie favorites tweet with an infectious enthusiasm for all things food and an undying love for the city. Their passion is evident as they discover and share culinary insights with their followers. Some offer recipes and others recommend restaurants, but they all have one thing in common: every foodie tweet will make you hungry. Join them on twitter as they make their way around Detroit and surrounding areas, one spoonful at a time.

Fine Dining
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Detroit Food
@detroitfoodDetroit Free Press' tweets are filled with information about restaurants, dining and food-related news that is hitting Detroit and its surrounding communities. Food trucks, pop-ups, openings, trends, festivals; it's all covered. The full articles containing in-depth reviews and featuring lengthy reports of dining establishments can be found on

Fine Dining
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Eastern Market

All the freshest updates from America's oldest market can be followed on this account. Stay tuned in with informative tweets about delectable produce and other various epicurean delights that await at Eastern Market. Tweets include daily observations about new deliveries as they arrive on the scene, as well as announcements about special events. Furthermore, the photos are so alluring that you may be inspired to plant a garden immediately or rush out the door and head directly to Eastern Market itself.

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The Hungry Dudes
@thehungrydudesThis gang of seven foodies can be found eating and tweeting their way through all of the culinary delights Motor City has to offer. These dudes (and dudette) know food. Their upbeat musings include photographs that will make your mouth water. Follow them as they conduct in-depth research on all things epicurean and write about every delicious detail.

eat detroit

Eating Detroit
@EatingDetroitRemarks are kept short and sweet in this chronicle of food adventures. The content contains food-related discoveries from around Detroit. Specific dishes are tweeted from an array of restaurants with photographs included. Links to restaurants and one liners accompany many entries as well. Also, read up on tweets about take-out and specialty shops.


@simmer_downThis self-described culinary adventuress has good food covered, and writes about it daily. Being a writer, purveyor of jams and proprietor of vintage goods keeps the remarks interesting, although the central theme is always food. Tweets feature recipes and restaurants, interspersed with the occasional mention of vintage discoveries. Culinary experiences and food-related book reviews are peppered throughout and can be found in their entirety on her blog (


Todd Abrams
@Swigs_Todd Abrams is a writer for Gourmet Underground Detroit, a collective of food and drink professionals and enthusiasts. Their tantalizing insights surrounding the bourgeoning local food scene are a definitive resource about everything food related. Todd Abrams tweets consist of upbeat food banter, restaurant recommendations and tidbits of food and beverage knowledge. Additional musings include witty general observations and music mentions, with a side bar of good humor thrown in for good measure.


Nicole Rupersburg
@EatItDetroitStay on the forefront of dining in Detroit. Join Nicole Rupersburg as she hosts an informative food expedition via @EatItDetroit. The frequent, bite-sized announcements from inside local eateries are informative. Epicurean events and openings are also showcased.

Nathan Skid

Nathan Skid writes about metro Detroit's restaurant news for Crain's Detroit Business, providing knowledgeable and pointed insider remarks about the city's constantly-evolving dining landscape. He announces openings of restaurants, makes dining recommendations and introduces new additions to established menus.


Joe Foodie
@joefoodieFollow a food insider as he navigates around various restaurants, tweeting about his forays in Detroit's best spots. One of the dudes from The Hungry Dudes, Joe Foodie writes and photographs for the acclaimed culinary crew. Also included are comments from food and music events, local restaurant updates and countless references to food that will make you hungry.

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