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The Naked Truth Behind Nudist Camp In Littleton

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)- A new billboard advertises a nudist resort in the Denver metro area that is geared toward families.

The resort is called Mountain Air Ranch located in the Jefferson County foothills near Deer Creek Canyon on Mica Mine Gulch Road.

Those who are members, there are more than 450 registered members, said it's a quiet campground and a family-friendly resort where they can relax by the pool or go on a nature hike.

(credit: CBS)

"It's comfort," said nudist Chuck Jensen. "I just like it myself. It just feels good."

"I certainly like the feeling of the sun and the breeze on my body," said another nudist.

Mountain Air Ranch is one of the Denver metro area's best kept secrets.

"This is a lifestyle that many people find relaxing," said Mountain Air Ranch manager Jim Colegrove. "Until you've tried spending a day swimming, laying by the sun and so forth without clothes you don't realize how comfortable and relaxing that is."

The free-spirited group said they have nothing to hide.

"Nudity and sex aren't necessarily always joined," said nudist Carla Gurovich. "This is probably the least sexual place I've ever been.

"We're really a family nudist resort. It's all about the family, wholesomeness and being out in the open air."

Vicki Blum is a nudist and breast cancer survivor who said she doesn't feel judged by her body at the resort. Blum lost part of her breast.

"I am here now more than I ever have been because of the fact that as you notice I have these scars here," said Blum.

She and her fiance plan to get married at the resort because they consider the members as family.

The Mountain Air Resort has been in the same location for nearly 70 years but posted the billboard advertisement in the past few months.

The resort caters to families with children of all ages and offers free tours and first time stays.

(credit: CBS)
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