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Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)- A serial rapist pleaded guilty to raping women in Golden and Westminster.

Marc O'Leary appeared before a judge at the Jefferson County Justice Center Thursday morning where he pleaded guilty to 28 of 39 charges.

O'Leary will be sentenced for the rapes, as well as an attempted assault in Aurora, in December. He'll then be transferred to Washington state to face charges there.

The sentence he receives in Washington will be served concurrent to his time behind bars in Colorado.

Prosecutors said old fashioned police work is what should be credited for catching O'Leary. More of those details about how he was captured will be made public after his sentencing.

Investigators said O'Leary planned his attacks, staked out four victims in Colorado, assaulted them repeatedly over several hours and then took methodical steps to make sure no evidence was left behind.

In February, police scoured O'Leary's home in Lakewood for 12 hours. Officers wore special suits and said the search turned up photographic evidence of the sex crimes, including the rape of a woman in Washington state.

After O'Leary was arrested, the Snohomish County affidavit describes interviews with people who know him. According to the interviews, O'Leary appears to have a sense of entitlement to have sex with whomever he pleased. They told police that he was part of a "secret society" that believed "the world is divided into alphas and bravos."

O'Leary "believed he was an alpha" that entitled him "to have sexual intercourse with whomever he wanted."

Those victims were in court to hear O'Leary's guilty plea.

"This is one of the most extreme cases we've seen. The victims have remained strong. The investigation was outstanding and I think the Golden Police Department and all the other agencies saw pretty quickly that this was a serious offender that needed to get off the streets. Their approach was outstanding," said Jefferson County Prosecutor Robert Weiner.

O'Leary faces a maximum life in prison for charges connected to each victim, which means he could be facing life in prison four times over.

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