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Woman shot by suspect involved in U.S. Marshal, K-9 shooting in Cragin speaks to CBS 2

CBS 2 speaks with woman shot by suspect involved in shooting of U.S. Marshal, K-9 in Cragin
CBS 2 speaks with woman shot by suspect involved in shooting of U.S. Marshal, K-9 in Cragin 03:03

CHICAGO (CBS) – New details following the investigation into the shooting of a U.S. Marshal and a K-9.

Sources say the K-9 has shattered bones in the shoulder and another injury to an internal organ. Sources also telling us who is in custody for the shooting.  The reason there was a warrant for his arrest is because he was wanted for attempted murder. Our Suzanne Le Mignot spoke to the woman he is accused of shooting

"I wanted to especially thank the law enforcement. It's because of them, that he's at, where he's at."

Nicole Smith is talking about the man police have in custody right now for the shooting of a U.S. Marshal and his K-9. Both the handler and K-9 were part of a team executing a warrant for a man who shot Smith in April of last year. Smith had been with her boyfriend Kenneth Scott on the west side. Scott had agreed to give the man, now in custody, a ride. Scott knows the man, through a friend. When the man approached their car, it was clear he didn't want a ride but wanted to rob them instead. He said he was holding them up, then started shooting.

"The bullet went past my face, knocked the window out. Then the second bullet she threw her arm up and it went and hit her arm, that gave me enough time to speed off," Scott said.

Smith was shot while raising her arm to deflect the bullets. Bones in her right forearm were shattered. Smith and Scott had nothing but praise for the U.S. Marshal K-9 handler, his dog, Chicago police, and members of the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force for bringing the man into custody.

Both the dog and his K-9 handler were shot when approaching a home in Cragin. A bullet hit the handler's hand. He also had blood on his right arm. We've learned he is the only US Marshal that handles a K-9 in the Chicagoland area. 

Sources with knowledge of the incident say, when they got to the door, they all had their heavy shields up, that they could see through. Once they were at the door, through their shields, they noticed a man inside the home had a gun.

One U.S. Marshal yelled out "Gun! Gun!" to alert all the others at the door.

At that moment, the man inside the house started shooting. The dog got hit in the right shoulder. The K-9 officer was hit in the vest. A bullet hit his hand. It's not known if another bullet, hit his body camera.

"He put himself on the line and the dog on the line, to do something for me and I am very appreciative. They knew what they were up against," Smith said.

"Thanks to the US Marshals. I appreciate you," Scott said.

We are not giving the 19-year-old's name because he has yet to be charged. 

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