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Winter 2014 Marches On: Another Sub-Zero Day, More Snow

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The overnight temperature dipped to one degree below zero at O'Hare International Airport, making Wednesday the 23rd day of sub-zero temperatures this winter.

It has been 50 years since Chicago has endured more days below zero. Typically the area gets around seven such days each season.

The record for most days of below zero temperatures was set in the winter of 1884-85 with 25.

The winters of 1935-36 and 1962-63 each had 24 subzero days, making this winter No. 4 in history. There are no sub-zero days in the extended forecast for Chicago.

However, the latest day for subzero temps ever in Chicago was March 22 1888.

The lowest temperature ever recorded for March 3 in Chicago is six below zero in 1873. The record high? 80 degrees in 1974.

The five inches of snow over the weekend at O'Hare ranks this winter a solid No. 4 all-time for total snowfall. The lakefront had some additional snow on Monday morning.

With about 2.5 weeks until the start of spring, Chicago needs 3.7 inches to move into third place, nine inches for the No. 2 spot and about 17 inches to beat the historic winter of 1979.


1) 89.7 IN. 1978-1979
2) 82.3 IN. 1977-1978
3) 77.0 IN. 1969-1970
4) 73.4 IN. 2013-2014
5) 68.4 IN. 1966-1967
6) 66.4 IN. 1951-1952
7) 64.1 IN. 1917-1918
8) 60.3 IN. 2007-2008

Temperatures will remain well below average for this time of year for the rest of the week.

High temperatures early in the week (low to mid 20s) would be more typical of January.

There is a chance of highs above freezing by Friday.

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