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More customers come forward, say they were scammed by Window Depot USA of Chicago

More customers say they were duped by Window Depot USA of Chicago
More customers say they were duped by Window Depot USA of Chicago 03:16

CHICAGO (CBS) -- We first told you last week about a home remodeling company that apparently duped many customers in our area for big bucks.

Since then, we have been inundated by emails from more victims.

And as CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reported Monday night, there might be a glimmer of hope for at least a couple of the customers.

Over the weekend, we had even more people reach out to share their stories of dealing with Window Depot USA of Chicago. Some of the victims estimate at least $200,000 has been taken in deposits for work that either never started or was not completed.

"I'm retired - fixed income," said customer Annette Nunnally. "The $4,000 is a lot of money to me."

"I just can't believe that somebody would actually do this," said customer Joseph Saguto. "How can you get away with this?"

"Then it turns out these people are nothing but scammers," said customer Tom Arnswald.

Nunnally, of Tinley Park, and the two Chicago area men have joined a growing list of people we've introduced – who all say they were scammed by Window Depot of Chicago.

"I'm angry," said Nunnally. "I'm really angry."

Nunnally and Arnswald were both referred to Window Depot of Chicago by HomeAdvisor – an online service that connects people to vetted home improvement professionals.

"This is not about poor workmanship," Arnswald said. "This is about not doing any work at all - and just taking the money and going."

Arnswald handed over $2,821.06 for improvements to his home in Chicago – and Nunnally lost $4,975. But a spokesperson for HomeAdvisor said they will make it right and compensate them.

Arnswald said despite the financial relief, he will continue to fight until Window Depot of Chicago owners Dan Faught and Eric Smith are held responsible.

In a promotional video on Window Depot of Chicago's Facebook page, Faught touts "some quick turnaround times in regards to our windows and siding and roofing."

During a guest appearance on the business podcast "In the Club" by Club Colors last month, Smith was asked what he considered to be the most important virtues in running a business.

He replied, "Honesty, I'd say, is the biggest - and that was one of the things I liked most about the Window Depot process."

"His philosophy was so much different than the way they actually operate," said Nunnally.

"Some people, they rob with a gun. Others do it with a pen and paper. But it's still the same. It's still a crime," said Arnswald, "and these people need to be brought to justice."

Saguto thought he was alone until he saw our story on Window Depot of Chicago last week.

"My jaw dropped. My jaw dropped," he said, "and I was like, I cannot believe  - like, finally!"

Saguto lost about $7,000 – money intended for new windows on his home in Aurora.

When De Mar asked Saguto if he thought there should be legal consequences for the owner, Saguto said, "Absolutely."

HomeAdvisor says along with compensating some customers, they have removed Window Depot USA of Chicago from their network.

We have reached out repeatedly to the national Window Depot USA parent company for comment, and have yet to receive a response to the allegations.

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