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Employee says he was stiffed by home remodeling company also accused of abandoning customers

Former employee of home remodeling company says he's owed thousands
Former employee of home remodeling company says he's owed thousands 03:05

CHICAGO (CBS) -- On Thursday night, we told you about a suburban home remodeling company accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars in deposits and disappearing.

We have already met some of the victims. On Friday, we heard from a former employee – who says he is owed a large amount of money.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar spoke to the former sales manager of Window Depot USA of Chicago - who said not only were customers taken advantage of, but so was he.

On top of it all, he said his own family has fallen victim as well.

"I can't believe this happened to me," said Adam Pineda.

Pineda said he started working as the sales manager for Window Depot of Chicago in October 2021 – and at first, the repair company seemed to be operating above board.

But at some point last summer, orders were not getting completed – and customers started complaining.

"Every day, we are getting angry phone calls from people – 'Where's my product? I want to cancel,'" Pineda said.

Among the customers who complained were the Kerrs of Buffalo Grove. They handed over about $19,741 to Window Depot of Chicago for their dream home repairs – and construction never started.

"I was actually sick to my stomach when this first started, going - oh my gosh that is so much money," said Vicki Kerr, "and we don't know where it is or if we'll ever see it again."

Not only were customers left high and dry with no answers - so was Pineda. He said Window Depot of Chicago owner Dan Faught stopped paying him his earned commissions.

Pineda said he was out "in the range of probably about $20,000."

Pineda separated from the company last month. He sent a text to his former boss asking, "Do I have a final check at least coming?"

Faught, his boss, replied: "Adam, please understand that we're bankrupt. I'm negative 4k+ in the business account. I have to file a personal bankruptcy as well. I'm sorry but this is unfortunately the reality of things."

"The first thing that came to my mind was all of my customers," Pineda said. "My in-laws had given a deposit of about $4,500 for a new roof."

We stopped by Faught's Brookfield home, and for a man who claims to be in financial ruins, we noticed an active building permit and a brand-new garage. The stickers are still on the brand-new windows, and piles of wood were stacked in the yard.

This is all while more than a dozen customers say work hasn't started on their homes despite handing over thousands.

A woman peered through the door and said Dan Faught was not home.

Pineda said he personally has about 20,000 customers who are out deposits – including some of his friends and in-laws.

Both the Illinois Attorney General and the Cook County State's Attorney are reviewing this case.

If you believed you have been wronged by Window Depot of Chicago, please email us.

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