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After Witnessing Shooting On West Side, Wicker Park Woman Says Her Family No Longer Feels Safe And Is Moving From The City

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The latest numbers from Chicago Police show shootings overall are up 9 percent compared to this time last year -- and last year wound up being the worst since 2016.

A Wicker Park woman who just witnessed a shooting on the West Side says she's now packing her bags. Her family told CBS 2's Tim McNicholas they're headed for the suburbs.

"So my office is my car," said Julie Troup.

Troup thought she'd heard a car breaking down — a few loud pops in a row as she drove near Ogden and California avenues. But then she looked in the rearview mirror at a car behind her.

"I saw a silver gun sticking out of the window and then, 'Pop, pop, pop,' and there were sparks flying out of the gun," Troup said. "I immediately had seconds to respond."

That was around 3 p.m. Sept. 22. Police said a 40-year-old man was shot in the back right in front of Mount Sinai Hospital in Lawndale, where he was later listed in fair condition.

"I was shaking the entire way home, and incredibly nervous and scared, and just extremely thankful that I was not collateral damage or hurt during this incident," Troup said.

In fact, Troup says she's been on edge ever since. It doesn't help that her own neighborhood is one of several where another kind of crime, attempted carjackings, surged over the past 18 months.

Now, her family has made a decision.

"If we find a place now, we'll move immediately," Troup said. "I feel that we are living in fear, and afraid of getting hurt, and afraid of getting our family hurt in the process. So unfortunately, we will have to move."

But even if they move to the suburbs, Troup will still have to drive through neighborhoods all over the city for work.

Community groups and public leaders are searching for solutions to restore a sense of safety. On the South Side, anti-violence groups have been teaming with police to pump peoples' gas for them in areas with high carjacking rates.

In Wicker Park, neighbors met with police a few days ago to talk about the problems.

"They have started conversations, but I think it needs to go much more beyond that," Troup said.

"As for that shooting she witnessed, Troup said she gave a statement to Chicago Police and was told they're reviewing surveillance footage of the shooting. CPD said they're still investigating.

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