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Why Are Pumpkins A Little Patchy This Year?

(CBS) – What would fall be like without pumpkins for treats like pumpkin pie?

You might just find out. There's a pumpkin shortage, and CBS 2's Brad Edwards finds out why.

In Illinois, the crop is a little, well, bleh.

Some of the pumpkins were selling for a premium at one local farm, around $20 for a nice, round, average-sized gourd. Noreen Dollinger of Dollinger Family Farm in Channahon admits in previous years, prices typically weren't this high.

This year was a tricky pickle in pumpkin circles. June was simply too wet, washing away May plantings. Those farmers who then planted in July. Well, those pumpkins are just starting to come up.

Peoria is the epicenter in the United States for pumpkins used to make pumpkin pies. A total of 90 percent of those pumpkins come from a 90 mile radius of the central Illinois town.

This year, the supply is expected to run out.

"It's a distinct possibility," said Dallinger. "I cannot buy pumpkins anymore because everyone is sold out."

So, the experts say, if you want a pumpkin for a pie or a Jack-O-Latern, get it now. Supplies are limited!

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