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The clues inside the Taylor Swift QR code mural in Chicago

Mysterious message for Swifties mounted in Chicago
Mysterious message for Swifties mounted in Chicago 02:33

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Taylor Swift's QR code is live in Chicago, "Are you ready for it?" 

Ready or not, Digital Producer Elyssa made the journey on foot to see the viral QR code that has left the Swiftie world in suspense. 

She walked down Dearborn Street and turned right on Grand Avenue. While the building was not immediately noticeable, the crowd of Swifties holding out their phones tipped her off to the spot. 


Spoiler: the building-sized QR code links to a YouTube Short on Swift's official page. She found a video of an old-fashioned manual typewriter typing the letter "T" on a piece of paper.

The significance of that single letter has Swifties losing their collective minds. Could it be an important letter of the latest single title she recorded with Post Malone? What about the ticking sounds? Are those clues to the other letters? 

On TikTok, Swifie detectives say they have discovered other murals that reveal additional letters, and F in Australia and an H in Brazil, for example. 

While unconfirmed, a local Swiftie outside the QR code alerted Elyssa to another possible clue at the viewing site. 

She explained if you stand facing the mural, a sign for the apartment building "Parliament Enterprises Ltd. 15. W. Grand Ave" is visible. Could this be a Swift-style hint? 

Jess Dennison

On top of all of that, there is now an art installation in Los Angeles depicting a library card catalog with 72 card slots. Fans are encouraged to interact with the display and try to find clues having to do with lyrics and song titles from the upcoming album. 

Swifties say it's important to read it from top to bottom, left to right. 

We will have to wait until Friday when "The Tortured Poets Department" album comes out. 

You can see the code for yourself on a building at 25 West Grand Avenue, a truly "enchanting" experience.   

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