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Wheaton Native Kevin Streelman Prepares For PGA In Three Weeks

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The PGA Tour is set to return in three weeks with what they call strict safety protocols that include no fans for at least the first four events and COVID-19 tests for all players and caddies.

Is it enough? CBS 2's Matt Zahn asked Wheaton native Kevin Streelman, who is planning on playing six of the first seven events.

"I'm more excited each day to be honest," he said. "They've done their diligence. They've put a ton of work into this, preparation. Hopefully it's overkill and we don't have any issues. There's going to be a ton of testing, a ton of masks, a ton of hand sanitizer and trying to keep our bubble as tight as possible. Most of us will probably be staying at the host hotels and there will be no fans. There will be no pro-ams. Hopefully we push through this, and this first month is just kind of weird and something we look back at as an awkward month, but we got to play some great golf and put out a great product for our fans."

Streelman says his family usually travels with him.

"Courtney has been with me the last 16 years on the road. Sophie's 6 now. She's been with me the last six years on the road," he said. "They're not going to have families on site, so it's pretty much just going to be the boys out there and the caddies and tee it up and see who shoots the lowest score."

He said it will be strange not to have fans at the event.

"It'll be pretty awkward at first. When you get into the heat on a Sunday in the afternoon, those roars are the best. That's what we do it for -- the thrill of hitting a good shot when the pressure's on, lights are turned on, cameras are on, that's an awesome feeling and sensation. It's my favorite part of my job. We'll get through it."

Streelman's goal is to stay in the top 70 in the FedEx so he can return home for the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields in August.

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