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Victim's Friends, Family Dread Killer's Early Release

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A dozen years ago, Justin Boulay strangled his college girlfriend to death at Eastern Illinois University.

Monday, he was just hours away from his freedom after serving just half his sentence.

The media attention has reminded family and friends of Andrea Faye Will that her life is still over. They're asking: Where is the justice?

The state's attorney who handled the case told CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman he wishes the judge had imposed a sentence longer than 24 years. But the judge said it was appropriate.

You'll never convince Andrea's friends of that.

Inside an envelope, Michelle Voigt Felde has kept all of the news clippings, which can bring her to tears. One clip says "Campus Mourns Loss Of Student."

That student was Michelle's freshman-year roommate, Andrea.

"She was a great friend," Felde says.

Ask her or Laura Glombowski about the day Andrea died and you can hear how hard it is for them.

"We were screaming and crying," Glombowski says.

The pain is back because the man who took Andrea's life is scheduled to get out of prison Tuesday.

Boulay is getting out so early because he was sentenced under old state laws that allowed inmates to get one day off for each day of good behavior.

When he leaves prison, he's going to paradise. The Illinois Department of Corrections confirms while behind bars he married an assistant professor from Hawaii, where he's moving.

"It's not fair. He gets to experience marriage and a life and a beautiful place and have a clean slate, and she doesn't have anything -- she's six feet in the ground," Felde said.

She's not the only one who is upset. There's a Facebook page for Andrea with similar sentiments. And during a vigil Tuesday, Andrea's supporters will wear purple ribbons as a statement against domestic violence.

They say when Andrea broke up with Boulay, he stalked her. When he called her to come over the night he murdered her, she was too nice to say no.

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