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Transgender Student Accuses College Instructor Of Discrimination

(CBS) -- A transgender student is accusing his professor of discrimination.

The controversy started with a class assignment at Harold Washington College, CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.

Anadarith Hurtado should be on his way to class. Instead he's on his way to complain that his English professor at Harold Washington discriminates against transgender individuals like him.

Hurtado was offended by comments he says the professor wrote this assignment. It describes his intent to do research on transgender rights. According to Hurtado, the professor responded in red ink: "These people don't have rights. They choose to be transgender. Pick another topic."

Hurtado says he's felt like a boy living in girl's body since he was a child, and he's experienced discrimination because of his choice to live as a man.

"My mom kicked me out of the house. My siblings don't want to talk to me. I'm trying to get my education and this is the type of feedback I get. So, it's really hard," he says.

Transgender activist June Latrobe spoke with CBS 2 by phone.

"I think the professor should be out of a job," Latrobe says.

Hurtado says the professor should at least get some kind of warning from his employers.

A college spokesperson says they have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination.

She says they're investing the incident.

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