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Thousands evacuated from Sueños Music Festival in Chicago due to severe weather

Sueños Music Festival in Chicago evacuated due to severe weather
Sueños Music Festival in Chicago evacuated due to severe weather 02:46

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The second day of the Sueños Music Festival in Grant Park was delayed for hours on Sunday due to severe weather, who evacuated from the park before the night ended. 

The festival start was delayed from noon to 4 p.m. 

Sueños Music Festival evacuated for severe weather 02:07

Around 7:45 p.m., the announcement came over the loudspeakers, asking everyone to get out due to incoming storms. The message was posted on the festival's X account, as well. 

"We brought our rain ponchos and everything," one person in attendance said. 

"They said rain or shine," said another.

Festival goers were only able to enjoy the event for a brief period earlier in the day between storms. 

"We had a great time yesterday," said Catherine Hilliard from Philadelphia. "Vibes were, I think, top-notch. Today, absolute downpour, thunder, lightning, but we still made it out today, so we're expecting a great time." 

That was before the rain came in, sending many who traveled to Chicago home after a soggy end to the festival. 

"We're all traveling here from Washington, DC. They delayed it four hours without any updates. They cut half of the lineup. They let one artist sing, and then half of the artists of a headliner, no headline tonight," said Ignacio Zavala.

Some were hoping for a refund and were disappointed that the headline act, Peso Pluma, didn't perform.  

"We were here to see Peso Pluma, and we can't now," said Sophia Navarro from North Carolina. "We spent all our money. It's just a bad situation."

Shortly after the evacuation, Peso Pluma said he hoped to return to Chicago. 

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