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Southwest Side Shooting Caught On Ring Doorbell Camera; Neighbors Ask, 'Where's City's Crime Strategy?'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A swing set served as the backdrop for a drive-by shooting that was caught on a Ring doorbell camera on the Southwest Side this past weekend.

On Tuesday night, many were asking the city – what's the crime strategy?

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, many neighbors have called or more than just patrol from officers. And the issue of gun violence does not seem to be in just one neighborhood either.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and police Supt. David Brown need a new plan, neighbors insist.

It is rare for Jackie Garcia to take a walk with her son near sunset. They live in the Ashburn neighborhood.

Gunshots ringing out on Ring doorbell camera video explains her fear.

"That's not the type of lifestyle I like or have, so it's definitely scary to live around this area," Garcia said.

The camera was capturing someone opening fire right in front of Angela Martinez's house near 77th Street and Kolmar Avenue.

"The minute I heard the shots, my reaction was to go to the back of the house try to get away," Martinez said.

You can see the swing set in Martinez's backyard on the video – in an indication of just how close all those shots came.

"We don't want to have to have to sell the house and move, but like, what are the options for us?" Martinez said. "We have two small kids here."

It was a violent Memorial Day weekend across Chicago – the deadliest since 2015 – with 49 people shot and 10 killed.

"This was a fail, and whatever the strategy was, it didn't work," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday.

Meanwhile Tuesday, four men were shot and two were killed in broad daylight along the western edge of Garfield Park. Another shooting left a man dead in South Shore.

Supt. Brown said the CPD did not have the normal 1,000 officers on patrol from Friday to Monday.

"We did not utilize the normal 1,000 additional officers," Brown said. "We had several hundred."

But Mayor Lightfoot insisted there was no reduction.

"The notion that somehow we had less people on the street this weekend is just fundamentally not true," she said.

And while the mayor and superintendent have been working on a plan, those living near where the Ashburn shooting went down said more than extra officers are needed.

"We need more, especially, this is our routine to go to the park," Garcia said.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the Ashburn incident. Police said there was no indication of the bullets hitting anyone.

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