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Some Residents Say Fires, Destruction During Unrest Have Left Kenosha's Uptown Community Looking Like A 'War Zone'

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS) -- People living in Kenosha woke up to a second day of destruction Tuesday following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police.

This time, the destruction was centered around businesses in and around that city's Uptown neighborhood. As CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reported, some residents called it a "war zone."

One of the businesses that was destroyed by fire was a family-owned mattress store. As late as early Tuesday evening, there was a small explosion in the burned-out building and Hickey and her crew had to move back for their safety.

The fire spread to several nearby businesses and even damaged the building across the street.

Parts of the rubble were still smoking more than 12 hours later as the community tries to rebuild.

A furniture store at 60th Street and 11th Avenue also burned down, with nothing left to salvage. Flames continued to burn well into the afternoon.

Across the street, every car parked in front Budget Motors was smashed.

"All of our offices - our computer screen just smashed through," said Joe of Budget Motors.

Joe said at least two bullets also struck his desk.

"That's where I normally sit right there, so yeah," he said.

Countless other bullets pierced the windows at Budget Motors.

At 23rd Avenue and 63rd Street, Marcus Starks works up the block.

"They're burning our city, and why?" Starks said.

And he's hurt.

"These are businesses that cater to a majority of the Black community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and look at this," Starks said. "They destroyed the livelihood of Kenosha."

Nikki Martinez is also upset.

"If it's an eye for an eye, we will all be blind," she said. "This is not the way!"

Kenosha resident Gail Swanson blames Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers for failing to protect the businesses.

"We're going to have more buildings burned, more of our city destroyed, more tax dollars wasted," Swanson said.

Volunteer Vanessa Elvetici was sweeping up Tuesday afternoon.

"This is our home," she said. "These are our families."

She said she is focusing her energy and her heartache on bringing her community together.

"I pray for all the children who had to see this, especially the children who had to see their dad shot in front of them before their eyes," Elvetici said. There's no excuse for any of it. We can't keep battling each other. We have to come together."

Several business owners said they haven't even filed police reports. They're too busy and the police are too busy.

Many were boarding up again Tuesday night, and taking any valuables with them when they go.

Many people also complained that they didn't see the National Guard in the area Monday night.

Gov. Evers on Tuesday announced he is authorizing increased Wisconsin National Guard support for Kenosha County to 250 members and will continue to adjust to meet local needs.

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