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Robbers Attack Man With Stun Gun, Steal iPad Minis

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A stun gun attack by two robbers has been caught on surveillance video. The assault happened Saturday night in Chicago's West Loop. CBS 2's Mike Parker tells the story in this Original Report.

A man leaves his apartment to meet two women parked out front. It is supposed to be a Craigslist meet up and sale. We'll call the man "Nick," because he wants his identity concealed. He had bought six iPad Minis for $299.00 apiece at a Target store. The women, who reached out to his Craigslist ad say they want to buy three of them.

He leans over as they sit in their car.

"We start talking about the transaction, the three iPads," he says.

As they talk, surveillance video shows two men walking past. Seconds later, they come back and head right for the man, "Nick", holding the merchandise.

"Before I know it, I've got something on the back of my neck," Nick says, "and these guys are wrestling me to the ground smacking me."

He says the attackers pressed a stun gun to his neck. A careful look at the video shows the brief flash of the weapon.

"I could hear that clacking noise from the electricity too," Nick says.

After throwing the iPad Mini loot into the women's car, the criminals make their getaway. They're just a block from the Kennedy Expressway at Randolph.

"Nick" says he's learned a lesson about meeting up with potential Craigslist buyers. "The cops said if someone's not willing to meet you in a cop parking lot or in a public mall, then it's not worth the transaction."

The thieves did not get the $450 in free gift cards that the victim got from Target.

Nick was treated by paramedics after the robbery. His injuries were not serious.

Witnesses to the crime got the license plate number of the getaway car. Chicago Police are investigating.

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