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R. Kelly's West Town Studio Still Occupied After Judge's Order To Only Be Used 9 A.M.-5 P.M.

CHICAGO (CBS) -- On Tuesday, a judge ordered that no one is allowed to use the second floor of R. Kelly's warehouse, and the recording studio on the bottom floor can only be used during normal business hours, 9-5.

But CBS 2 reporter Charlie De Mar saw several people coming and going later, including Kelly's personal attorney, who got buzzed into the building.

r kelly studio
R. Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg is buzzed into the singer's West Town studio at 7:30 p.m., two and half hours past the time a judge ordered the space not to be used.

"I'm just seeing what's going on. I'm not the real estate guy," Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg said as he waited to be buzzed into the R&B singer's recording studio around 7:30 p.m. "I don't know what the judge ordered because I didn't see it."

Kelly's real estate attorney Melvin Sims did speak after a judge ordered that nobody is to be inside the warehouse after 5 p.m.

After Greenberg, a woman walked in with food just before 9 p.m.

"We do feel like this was a manufactured emergency," Sims said. "There was no emergency here all along, and it seems the judge has sided with us."

That emergency is in reference to inspectors being called out to the studio at 219 N. Justine St. earlier this month after reports of people living in the commercial space.

"To show up like that with all the different inspectors, that's a special occasion," structural engineer Allan Gold said. "It doesn't look commercial at all. It looks very residential."

"A couch on the premises does not make it a living room," Sims said.

Photos from that inspection show a bathroom that appeared to be in use with racks of clothes hanging, a living room, and a staircase secret to the city, built without permits. The warehouse piled up more than 60 violations.

"Unimpressive, uninspiring, gross" said Tania Haigh with Parents Against Child Abuse. "There was something that compelled me tonight to be like I just want to see where this is for myself because a lot of damage, I think, has been done here."

The warehouse where Kelly is the tenant has come under scrutiny in recent weeks since the airing of a Lifetime docuseries outlining a host of accusations of sexual abuse by Kelly.

Roughly an hour later Greenberg emerged and said nothing about his time inside the studio.

"I'm going to get chop suey," he said.

The city did make a move to vacate the property altogether, but the judge did not agree with that motion. Both sides will be back in court next month.

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