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Puppy Bowl X To Feature Two Chicago Puppies

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Bears may not have made it anywhere near the Super Bowl, but there are at least two Chicagoans you'll be able to cheer for on February 2nd: Sharpie and Taser, two puppies from ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue.

The pups will be appearing in Puppy Bowl X, an alternative to the Super Bowl that Animal Planet has offered for the past decade. This Super Bowl surrogate is nothing to laugh at, last year Puppy Bowl had over 10 million viewers. Don't worry, cat-lovers -- there's even a Kitty Half-Time Show.

Chicago Pups In Puppy Bowl

There are 39 puppies that participate in Puppy Bowl, running around, playfully fighting over toys on a miniature football field. Each puppy comes from a shelter and the show features plenty of adoption information for viewers who find themselves won over by the athleticism and skill -- not to mention cuteness -- of the dogs.

Don't let Sharpie's puppy-dog eyes fool you, he's a contender. (Credit: Don't let Sharpie's puppy-dog eyes fool you, he's a contender. (Credit:

ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue is the first Chicago organization to participate in Puppy Bowl and was more than happy to supply two of their cutest rescues for Puppy Bowl X. A non-profit and volunteer-based rescue, ROMP is dedicated to rescuing dogs from puppy mills and kill shelters.

"Sharpie" the puppy appears at WBBM Newsradio on Friday, apparently to discuss game day strategy for the Puppy Bowl. (CBS)

Italian Greyhounds Taser and Sharpie may be participating in Puppy Bowl, but they got their names from two Blackhawks players, Jonathan "Taser" Toews and Patrick "Sharpie" Sharp. Both Taser and Sharpie are 12-weeks-old and are the first Italian Greyhounds to grace the Puppy Bowl field. According to ROMP, Taser hopes to one day drink from a fountain in Rome and Sharpie loves to pull all the toilet paper off the roll.

Sharpie the Italian Greyhound lookin' all stoic. (Photo Credit: Sharpie the Italian Greyhound lookin' all stoic. (Photo Credit:

ROMP is making a full-day event out of Puppy Bowl X. They encourage anyone watching to support these Chicago pups on Twitter with hashtags #TEAMTASER and #TEAMSHARPIE. ROMP is also having a game-day viewing party where -- you might want to sit down for this -- Taser and Sharpie will be present giving pawtographs. Yes, pawtographs. The viewing party will take place on February 2nd from 2- 4 p.m. at Deuce's and the Diamond Club.

For those looking to watch Taser and Sharpie from the comfort of their own home on their own couch with their own Velveeta, Puppy Bowl X airs on Animal Planet at 2 p.m. We're not sure how you win Puppy Bowl (or if you can win), but hopefully Taser and Sharpie do better than some Chicago sports teams.

Find out how you can support ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue here.

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