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Pritzker, Bailey discuss businesses, Trump's involvement, comments made about Chicago

Pritzker, Bailey discuss Chicago being refered to as "Hellhole"
Pritzker, Bailey discuss Chicago being refered to as "Hellhole" 02:24

CHICAGO (CBS) – The governor's race is set as Democratic incumbent JB Pritzker and Republican Darren Bailey will face each other for the November election. 

Looming large over this battle is former President Donald Trump, who recently endorsed state Sen. Bailey in the primary.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov sat down with Gov. Pritzker, and our Tim McNicholas talked to Bailey nominee about the Trump factor.  

 DK: Are you concerned that there might be a shift in attitudes and that his endorsement might actually fuel or light a fire under the Republican?

JB: I think it's the Republican party that's moving further to the extremes – the MAGA Republicans have taken over the Republican party. Traditional Republicans in the state don't stand with them. I believe that we're going to see republicans supporting Democrats this time because the Republicans have just gone off the rails. Donald Trump's endorsement is bad for general election votes.

TM: This is about you, he said 'someone who seeks out and accepts the endorsement of a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, twice impeached former president does not deserve to come anywhere near this state's highest office.

DB: Coming from an elitist billionaire. A tyrant that's locked the state down, that has destroyed safety on our streets, our education, our finances – someone who's driving people out of Illinois. That's an interesting comment.

TM: But this is a state where Trump lost twice, so what makes you think that the voters of Illinois will want to elect a governor who is political allies with Trump?

DB: Well, allies with Trump and being Trump are two different things. I'm Darren Bailey. I've been standing up for the people for four years – two years as a state representative, two years as a state senator.

Pritzker, Bailey discuss Chicago being refered to as "Hellhole" 02:24

Bailey referred to Chicago as a "Hellhole" -- that comment made several weeks ago remains key now that he's the Republican nominee for governor.

TM: You've called Chicago a dysfunctional hellhole. You're going to need votes from Chicago and the surrounding areas in the suburbs. Do you have any regrets about the way you phrased that?

DB: From what I'm gathering, I believe the people of Chicago have respect for someone who is standing up and telling the truth. Isn't it ironic within hours after I said that a homeless man was burned alive? And is it even more ironic that the person who committed that terrible crime was roaming from no cash bail from a previous crime that was committed? There's the breakdown of dysfunction of Chicago. It's interesting that I've heard recently that Aldi's has decided to move out. They don't feel safe. Businesses, the Magnificent Mile has become not so magnificent because businesses are leaving, they're fleeing, and no one is flocking to come back. Let's turn that around, let's call it what it is. The people of Chicago deserve better.

DK: How do you see your campaign, if at all, using Darren Bailey's comment which you brought up, "Chicago is a Hellhole" against him. Can we expect to see that prominently in ads?

JB: That isn't the only thing that Darren Bailey has done against Chicago.  He also wanted Chicago to become a separate state. Literally to hive it off and make it a separate state from the rest of Illinois. Separating people from one another, dividing people – that's not what we're about in Illinois, this is the land of Lincoln. This is the home state of Barack Obama. We're proud in Illinois to be one state, one Illinois. That's what our campaign is about, that's what this state is really all about, and our appointment on the Republican side, only wants to divide people.

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