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Polar Vortex Part II: Record Low Cold Possible Next Week

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Enjoy the warm, sunny weather while you can. The polar vortex probably will rear its ugly head again in Chicago next week, though luckily we won't need to break out the snow shovels and parkas.

You still might want to keep a jacket or sweater handy at night next week, though.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros reports the polar vortex will be shooting a pocket of cold air our way in the middle of next week, possibly resulting in record low temperatures all across large portions of the Midwest and upper Great Plains, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio.

Temperatures won't be anywhere near as cold as when the polar vortex left Chicago's collective teeth chattering in subzero temperatures many days this past winter. Its return to Chicago next week could mean overnight temperatures in the 40s, although highs during the day should remain in the 70s.

In July, the temperature typically averages 73 or 74 degrees in Chicago. The high temperature usually averages about 85 degrees, and the low typically averages 64 degrees.

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