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Plainfield family now says they are going to wait before taking down 'Stranger Things' display

Plainfield family now says 'Stranger Things' display may reopen
Plainfield family now says 'Stranger Things' display may reopen 00:48

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) -- A Plainfield family had planned to take down a Halloween display that went viral and drew visitors, but the family now says they are going to wait.

Late last month, we showed you the dramatic Halloween display in Plainfield that included a hovering mannequin depicting Sadie Sink's Max Mayfield character from "Stranger Things." 

We learned that a neighbor took issue with crowds coming to look at the display. Thus, the Appel family said Sunday they had decided to take down the levitating Max and the rest of the decorations after the display was open for just two nights.

But late Monday, the family said they had "woken up to a flood of overwhelming support telling us to wait."

The Appels said one neighbor had taken issue with the display, and they would not let that one neighbor "ruin the fun for the amazing families and 'Stranger Things' fans who have visited."

The Appels said they have made "unreal progress" talking with local police and other neighbors, as well as the homeowners' association.

The display remains shut down, but owner Dave Appel hopes it can return. The Appels plan to head to Plainfield Village Hall on Wednesday, hoping to get the go-ahead to reopen.

"I can sympathize that if you're not comfortable with a lot of people, or a lot of people around your home at all times, it could be overwhelming. If someone's having trouble with our display, we want to make sure that we can adjust our hours down," said Dave Appel. "So we technically remaining closed until we've spoken with City Hall and just gotten every sort of green light we can have imaginable."

The Appels wrote in on their "Horror Props" Facebook page: "Please hold off visiting if you can. We want the dust to settle."

We just want to let you know. We haven't given up yet.

Posted by HorrorProps on Monday, October 3, 2022

The Appels said they would be live on Wednesday with a "final update" on their @Horrorprops TikTok account.

The couple's TikTok video of the floating Max character went viral – even drawing a response from Netflix.

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