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Opill, first over-the-counter birth control pill, hits stores shelves in Chicago, nationwide

New over-the-counter birth control pill hits shelves
New over-the-counter birth control pill hits shelves 02:27

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A new over-the-counter birth control will be hitting shelves this week. 

It's called "Opill," and it may already be in a pharmacy near you - becoming the first contraceptive made widely available without a prescription.   

This comes as reproductive rights are being rolled back at both the state and federal levels. The new birth control pill takes a step in the opposite direction. 

Across the country, drug stores are shelving their freshly delivered stock of birth control pills. 

In stores like Walgreens, instead of just taking the boxes behind the pharmacist counter, they're also being placed on shelves.

"Opill is our new over-the-counter birth control, and it's very available at all locations," said pharmacist Jami Perkins. 

Perkins is one the scores of pharmacists gearing up to help customers navigate the first-of-its-kind product - although the pill itself isn't all that revolutionary

"The product itself is not new to the pharmacy world. However, it is new to the aisles," she said. 

It's no different than any other birth control that you can get as a prescription.

"The ingredient actually is what you see in other birth controls that are available prescription only," Perkins said. 

The newest thing about Opill is that anyone can buy it anytime without having to talk to a doctor first.

"There are no age restrictions for anyone to purchase the pill. It's just readily available to anyone that wants to purchase the medication. Just no different than ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter item," Perkins said.

At Walgreens, you can find Opill in their family planning aisle or at the pharmacy.

"Opill comes in a 28-pack. You can purchase that for $19.99. that's a one-month supply, or however you can do the three months, which is 84 pills, and that's $49.99," she said. 

If there are any questions, Perkins says, that's what your pharmacist is there for.

"You can also go into the consultation window and then you can speak to us directly. And of course, we can always take you into an immunization room and speak to you one-on-one if you want that direct patient care, free of charge," she said. 

If Opill hasn't made it to your local pharmacy yet, Perkins says, they're likely en route.

"If you see this in your pharmacy, just know that it's on its way," she said. 

Perkins says the formula in Opill is deemed the safest of available birth control options out there. You can either buy a one or three-month supply at a time and Walgreens is expecting all stores to be stocked up by April.

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