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Chicago police warn of more than two dozen armed robberies on Northwest Side

Chicago police warn of more than two dozen armed robberies on Northwest Side
Chicago police warn of more than two dozen armed robberies on Northwest Side 02:37

CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago police warned of more than a dozen robberies on the city's Northwest Side over the last two weeks.

During one incident in Wicker Park, a man was shot while trying to stop a robbery outside of a popular bar.

In Roscoe Village, several victims were robbed in two separate early morning incidents in the last week. The local alderman said armed robberies were on the rise in the area, and neighbors were calling on police to stop them.

The first robbery police highlighted in a community alert was on May 14, just after midnight in the 2200 block of North Clybourn.

But it was the robbery on May 17 in the 2000 block of North Avenue outside of Estelle's where the police started to connect the incidents. Police said two women were standing outside when a silver car pulled up, and someone tried to rob them at gunpoint. A man stepped in to help and was shot by the would-be robbers. He was left in critical condition.

The crimes continued north in Avondale and Roscoe Village. Around 5 a.m. on May 24, at School Street and Keeler Avenue, police said three to four men hopped out of a stolen dark-colored Dodge Durango in dark clothing and ski masks. 

They approached a man with handguns, made him unlock his phone, and hand it over.

Blocks away, a similar robbery took place on School Street in Roscoe Village at 5 a.m.

"I feel like we need more police presence in this neighborhood," said Amy Lindsay, an 11-year Chicago resident.

Lindsay said she moved to Roscoe Village for her safety but doesn't feel safe anymore.

"Scared," she said. "Don't want to be out walking the dog early in the morning or late at night because of this."

In the last few months, she said her car was shot up, leaving her on edge like other neighbors. Lindsay said she's been attending Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meetings to express her concerns.

"Every seat was filled at the CAPS meeting," she said. "People were very emotional. People were sharing their personal stories. People were asking for change. 'What are you going to do differently about this?' We pay taxes. We want to feel safe in our community."

As crime increases, she hopes police will take residents' suggestions, including adding more policing and security cameras.

"I should be able to walk to my car on the street from the building I live in and not fear that I'm going to get robbed," Lindsay said.

City officials asked that residents call 911 more and register their security cameras.

The Dodge Durango used in some of the robberies has since been recovered. Police have been examining it for evidence in hopes of catching the robbers.

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