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New Divvy Station Unveiled Outside United Center

divy UC
Tommy Hawks and Benny the Bull with a Divvy van outside the United Center. (Credit: Steve Miller)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The City of Chicago has officially opened one of its newest Divvy bike-sharing stations - right outside the United Center.

Alderman Walter Burnett held the stopwatch as the mascots - Tommy Hawk and Benny the Bull - raced Divvy bikes for the cameras just off Madison Street.

New Divvy Station Unveiled Outside United Center

That's where the new Divvy dock is.

The master of ceremonies for the official opening was Chicago Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein, who addressed a question about how the sales of alcohol inside the United Center might affect post-game Divvy enthusiasts.

"Nobody should operate any vehicle after they're drinking. And I would argue you might not even want to walk too far if you've been drinking. You probably should get into a taxi or take a bus."

Only fifteen slots at the Divvy dock. During basketball and hockey seasons, Klein says they'll be prepared for extra bikes coming in to be parked.

"When the season starts, we'll run some bike corrals where we come out - we'll have people here prepared to take any of the extra bikes that come along.

divy UC 2
Benny the Bull and Tommy Hawk had a race outside the United Center, site of the latest Divvy station. (Credit: Steve Miller)

"We did the same thing yesterday with the Bears. We had a lot of bikes. And we did that the week before at another event where we had 60 bikes.

"So we'll be prepared for any overage. And also, there's room for expansion."

Klein also announced a contest: Submit the best video about safe bike riding and win a five-year Divvy membership.

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