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Mother Looks For Answers From CPD In Crash That Killed Her Daughter

CHICAGO (CBS) – More than 24 hours after her daughter's sudden death, a Chicago mother has more questions than answers in the crash involving an off-duty cop, who claimed her daughter's life.

She now hired an attorney. CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot has the story, in this Original Report.

Images show the mangled vehicle sin the aftermath of a horrific crash. Chequita Adams was t-boned at the intersection of Kostner and Roosevelt by an off-duty Chicago police officer. He is seen in surveillance video in his high performance Jeep being pursued by other officers, with lights flashing.

"What caused them to chase? What caused the run? Why he was going so fast?" asked Chereta Adams, Chequita's mother.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said officers thought the off-duty officer's SUV, matched the description of a vehicle connected to a carjacking, but Adams said, she still doesn't understand one thing when it comes to the off-duty officer.

"Why he didn't stop? What was going through his mind, to keep going?" Adams asked.

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Adams' family attorney James Montgomery, Jr. questions the carjacking scenario as well.

"We would have radio transmissions that would confirm it. The superintendent, by now, would have been in a position to tell the public he has those. We haven't heard anything like that," Montgomery said.

Adams said one thing is certain, as she struggles to come up with the money to bury her daughter.

"My baby not coming back," Adams said. "She ain't coming back."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.

Police cannot comment on the investigation, as IPRA has taken over. An IPRA spokesperson said in the effort of the transparency policy, evidence, such as audio, video and some incident reports, will be made public, within 60 days.

Meanwhile, a relative of the cop -- family identified him as Taylor Clark, a tactical officer -- expressed confusion over the narrative about the high-speed collision and what may have led up to it.

"He wanted to help people," cousin Blaze Taylor tells CBS 2's Charlie De Mar. "Taylor Clark wasn't an officer who would run from the police – that's not who he was ."


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