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Most Common Powerball Numbers; Jackpot Hits $550 Million

Powerball (CBS)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It happens every time.

The Powerball jackpot skyrockets and players come out of the woodwork, hoping to strike it rich.

Many of these players ask: What are the most common numbers drawn for Powerball?

We are here to help.

According to, the most common numbers drawn in the past 100 drawings are: 03, 23, 26, 36, 56. Those five numbers have been drawn between 13 and 15 times each.

The most common Powerball numbers during that time are 29, 16, 20. Those numbers have been chosen seven or six times each.

If you are looking for the least-common numbers, under the theory that those numbers are overdue, they are: 47, 37, 33, 24, 02. Powerball: 08 (last drawn in September, 2012)

Powerball Jackpot Over $360 Million

But keep in mind, playing these numbers do not change your odds. Whether you choose your own numbers or play a quick pick, the odds are still 1 in 175,223,510 that you'll collect on the $550 million.

After you play taxes, your lump sum payout in Illinois would be $160.4 million. In Indiana, you'd collect about $164 million, thanks to a lower state income tax rate.

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