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2 Charged With Officer John Rivera's Murder: What We Know

CHICAGO (CBS)-- The two men charged with the murder of officer John Rivera both have past criminal records, according to Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson who addressed the media Monday morning. One of the men applied to be a CPD officer.

Johnson identified the two men charged as Jovan Battle, 32, and Menelik Jackson, 24.

Around 3:30 a.m. Satuday, Rivera, who was off duty, and three other individuals were sitting in a parked car when two men approached their vehicle near Clark and Huron Street. One man showed a handgun and started shooting. The offenders fled the scene.

Jackson was the shooter, police said. Johnson said he faces charges of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. Jackson will also be charged with resisting arrest for fighting with officers at the time of his arrest.

Police said Jackson was looking for a Hispanic person to shoot early Saturday, after he was involved in an unrelated brawl at the flagship McDonald's at 600 N. Clark St., about an hour before the shooting.

"In an act of cowardice, Mr. Jackson went to get a gun to settle this petty dispute, which resulted in him murdering the first Hispanic man that he came in contact with," Johnson said.

Johnson said Jackson has a history with the Chicago Police Department, and once applied to be on the force. During the background process, as an applicant, Jackson was arrested and convicted for committing an armed home invasion. This incident disqualified Jackson from being a candidate for the CPD.

Jackson has a total of two convictions for domestic violence and was also convicted of attempted residential burglary during an armed home invasion.

"He actually once thought he had what it took to wear a Chicago Police star," Johnson said.

Battle also faces charges of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

"Mr. Battle is no stranger to CPD," Johnson said. "With an 18-page criminal history, he has 10 convictions for violent crimes; including assault, battery and felony narcotics."

Police are still searching for a third offender.

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