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Man Steals, Crashes SUV Of Good Samaritan Who Pulled Over To Help Him

(CBS) -- It was a seriously bum deal for a Good Samaritan who tried to help another driver after a crash in Yorkville. CBS 2's Brad Edwards has the Original Report.

Jack Taxis stopped to help a distressed driver early Wednesday morning on his way to work at Rush-Copley Medical Center in Aurora where he works as a nurse.

"The gentleman wasn't talking. He was making noises... He was walking.

Taxis called 911 and police arrived and Taxis says, "His disposition totally changed."

Police say he lunged at one of the officer's gun and the officers tased him. And then, he was off in Taxis' car.

"I was hollering 'That's my vehicle get him out of my vehicle'" Taxis said.
"There was a big flash in the sky, I knew that was a transformer. He rolled the car multiple times. I was upset that was my baby," Taxis said.

Taxis hopes that the man is okay and says despite having his car wrecked, he would do it again.

"If something happened to me, I'd hope someone would help me," he said.

Sometimes, it is what you get, for helping out when you're Jack Taxis, male nurse.

That man was initially listed in serious to critical condition. That crash actually knocked out power for four hours in the area.

Jack Taxis says he'll back to work at the hospital Thursday without his totaled SUV that he just paid off.

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