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Man Shot While Accompanying DoorDash Driver Says Company Showed No Concern

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A food delivery in Chicago turned into a shooting, even as the man who was shot tagged along with his DoorDashing girlfriend to keep her safe. The food delivery giant had a curious response for the shooting victim.

Kevin Cahill said all he wanted was to see some concern on the company's end. Instead he said there was more frustration added onto physical pain.

Cahill struggles to stand after being shot in the foot.

"Like a constant pain. But there's periods where it's worse," he said.

The shots still ring in his head. When he stopped at a home on West Division Street near Chicago's Humboldt Park, he was accompanying his girlfriend, who delivers for DoorDash.

"She's a young female. I care for her safety," he said.

But as soon as he stepped out of his Jeep, it happened. Police say someone fired shots from across the street. Cahill thinks the suspect randomly targeted him.

After going to the hospital, he wanted to make sure DoorDash knew.

"They didn't care if I was OK or not," he said. "They just wanted to make sure they were covered on their end."

He said that because hours after the incident his girlfriend got no word of concern, just an email that said her account was deactivated for fraud.

"I think that they didn't want to deal with the situation at all," Cahill said.

It's unclear why the company took the action. Cahill said they claimed he was delivering the food. It is against DoorDash rules for passengers to do so, but they can ride in the car. That is all Cahill said he did.

"Neither of us did anything wrong at all. All we did was try to provide a service. I was there to make sure she was safe," he said.

The company has since apologized and reactivated his girlfriend's account.

"I think DoorDash should care more about its workers," Cahill said.

DoorDaish says it does have insurance for registered drivers to cover the costs of possible medical bills.

The shooter in this case has been arrested.


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