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Man Recovering After Being Shot Over An iPhone

(CBS) -- It's a frightening thought, but could you be the next target?

One man had his iPhone out in public view when he was robbed and shot for it.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports.

"Three of my fingers were literally, pretty much hanging off my hand, and that's pretty scary," says 31-year-old Anthony Kuber.

His hand, he thinks, was shattered by gunfire as he held it up to surrender to a pair of robbers who pounced on him Nov. 5.

He says he was compliant and told the men to take anything. Instead, Kuber says, "The guy just opened fire on me."

He'd just gotten off the Red Line at 47th Street and was walking west to his dad's house. Somebody grabbed him by the back of his jacket and pulled him into an alley.

The loot the attackers wanted was his iPhone, which fell to the ground. A suspect snatched it up.

The gun went off. Dazed and bleeding – he was shot multiple times -- Kuber dragged himself out to the street to beg someone to help him.

"It's scary. You just don't know where you can walk and where you're safe.  It's just not right," Kuber says.

Kuber says with all his mounting maladies the worst pain he feels is in knowing the suspects are still on the loose.

"Everybody gets what they deserve," he says.

Chicago police say it's still an open investigation. But they really need tips from the public to crack the case.

Anthony Kuber was hired for a seasonal job at a meat packing plant just days before the shooting. Now, he can't work because he still has to go to the hospital for treatments twice a week, and he's in constant pain. He had no health insurance and has mounting medical bills, but loved ones have started a fund through a website.

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