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Man arrested, charged after shots fired on Chicago train platform

Chicago train passengers unsettled after shooting on CTA Blue Line platform
Chicago train passengers unsettled after shooting on CTA Blue Line platform 02:15

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man was arrested after allegedly firing shots on a Blue Line train platform early Monday morning. 

Chicago police said just after 1 a.m., a passenger pulled out a gun during an argument with the employee and fired multiple shots at the Blue Line Station on Division. 

Police arrested Brandon Taylor, 32, who was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Police said they recovered a gun at the scene.

The suspect got into an argument with the CTA worker and exited the train. He then fired the weapon from the platform, police said. 

Initially, police said the suspect fired toward the worker. Later, police said the man fired the gun into the train tunnel.

No one was hurt, but police said the suspected shooter and the victim were taken to a local hospital for observation.  

A passenger who was in the back car said shots were fired right after the train stopped.

Police arrest man after shooting on Chicago Transit Authority platform 01:49

"The doors opened, and then we heard some gunshots, a couple of rounds. Then there was a pause. Then, there were another couple of rounds. Then the doors closed, " a witness, Grant Brown, said. "All of us there in the back were pretty shaken up."

CTA passengers on Monday expressed unease about the news of the shooting. The CTA said more than 33,000 cameras and more than 400 private security guards were contracted and on patrol 24/7 to keep people safe.

"I definitely don't feel safer with them there and it's a shame because I know that we've invested so much money in that security system, but you know they're on there," said UIC student Talia Sandoval.

As a woman, Sandoval said she takes additional measures like having pepper spray. She added, "It's just one of those things that like, you can never be too safe, especially on the CTA."

Area Five detectives are investigating.

"The reckless behavior we observed by this individual was completely unacceptable, and we are working closely with law enforcement officials to pursue charges to the fullest extent of the law," the CTA said in a statement.

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