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Dr. Arwady Says There's No Evidence Lollapalooza Was A COVID Super Spreader

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Exactly 14 days after Lollapalooza started health officials have given an updated on how it affected COVID-19 cases here Chicago.

Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said there's no evidence of the music festival being a super spreader.

Arwady said from the people they have followed up with, there have been hospitalizations or deaths from Lollapalooza.

"In total, we estimate that among vaccinated Lollapalooza attendees, 0.004% were diagnosed with COVID," She said. "That's 4 in 10,000 vaccinated attendees."

She said among unvaccinated Lollapalooza attendees, officials estimate 0.0016 % or 16 in 10,000 attendees.

Arwady said about 385,000 people attended the festival. At least 90% of attendees were vaccinated.

There were 203 cases of COVID identified and 58 of those cases were Chicago or Illinois residents.

"The majority of our positive attendees were non-Chicago residents, 71% of them," Arwady said. "The majority were under 30 years old."

As for large events moving forward, Arwady says the city will continue to allow such events. But, recommend that event organizers require people who are attending to get vaccinated.

They are also still recommending mask wearing for everyone indoors.

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