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Protesters Pack Logan Square Over Police Shooting Of Adam Toledo

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More than a thousand supporters of Adam Toledo, the 13-year-old fatally shot by Chicago Police, were making their way to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's house Friday night at 10 p.m. Hundreds packed Logan Square to voice anger over the shooting.

Justice in their minds comes with what they are calling transparency by police.

About 24 hours after the Civilian Office of Police Accountability released body camera video of the moment Officer Eric Stillman shot Adam with his hands up and unarmed, just a second after dropping a gun, the hurt resonates deeper.

"The rage does feel deeper now than it was even 24 hours ago or the start of the week," said demonstrator Julie Wilson.

She brought her family out to rally because sitting at home didn't feel right to her.

"I'm marching because I feel a little bit helpless," she said.

"As a very tall, dark-skinned Black man, I can definitely relate to Adam Toledo," said Jay Shamir, who was also among those rallying in Logan Square. "When I saw it was something about it really shook me, and I felt I had to be here."

The crowd marched in the streets, stretching blocks well into Friday night, making it known their outrage with Adam's death stretches beyond the Little Village community.

Members of the crowd say they want more than talk from Mayor Lightfoot in weeks to come.

"To be treated fairly, to not expect every interaction we have with law enforcement ends with someone dying," said Shamir.

The scene did get tense around 10 p.m. Friday night as fighting broke out. About an hour and a half into the protest march, officers stopped the group at Central Park and Wrightwood, about two blocks from Lightfoot's house.

Around 9:45 p.m. a brief fight broke out, and it appears police detained someone. This started a chain reaction of pushing and shoving that lasted about 15 minutes.

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